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Corset tops are popular, not only because of the beauty

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Author : Colin
Update time : 2021-06-29 13:13:14
As more and more brands launch their early spring collections, the early spring trends are beginning to take shape. Among the early spring trends for Spring/Summer 2021, the corset is particularly attractive. Why is this item, once seen as oppressive to women's bodies, becoming popular at this point in the new decade?
As the name suggests, a corset is a corset that gathers the torso and brings a sense of compression. According to archaeological findings, statues of figures in Crete, Greece, are wrapped in corsets with exposed breasts, displaying the ideal figure of a curvy woman. Although it is known to date back as far as 1600 B.C. based on this discovery, the corset originated as an undergarment in Italy and was later introduced to France by Catherine de Medici in the early 16th century. Queen Catherine, wife of King Henry II of France, not only brought the corset to the French court, but also issued a policy - banning thick waists for court women, so the corset became popular in the court and has influenced women's aesthetics in the following centuries ever since.

Nowadays, corsets are also becoming more and more popular. John Galliano, Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford, Nicolas Ghesquière and others have all worked on corsets, but all failed to form a big climate until autumn/winter 2016, when Miuccia Prada brought it back with a new expression brought back to the fashion world, opening up the corset trend and concentrating it in 2019. Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent, Prada, Sacai, Dion Lee fall/winter collection, etc. all launched corsets, with different design languages, for this egalitarian era of empowerment for women.

The corset was worn by celebrities and models outside of the runway, and it not only accentuated the figure, but also made it easy to match the look, and the corset became more and more popular under the dual influence of celebrity effect and retro nostalgia for the past. Now, this trend also continues to 2021, the corset is still the current fashion trend.
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